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Welcome to 's Jukebox

redkirk and his guitar "The only gift is a portion of thyself...
 Therefore the poet brings his poems;
 the sheepherd, his lamb;
 the farmer, corn; the miner, a gem;
 the sailor, coral and shells;
 the painter, his picture."
       ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 ...the songster, his heart...

Welcome to Redkirk's Jukebox. You *must* have a RealAudio® COMPATABLE player to hear these songs.

If you have RealAudio® installed, great!
to get on with the music!

If you *don't* have a RealAudio® Player...
Don't worry! Don't panic! You can download a free copy of the latest Real Player®, from REAL.COM.

FREE and Open Source Media Players are here:

If you're a fan of WinAmp, you're in luck!
The TARA/RealAudio® Plug-In for WinAmp allows WinAmp to play RealAudio ® files. What's the catch? You *STILL* have to have a RealAudio® player installed so the plug-in can use the RealPlayer ® drivers.

For those "purists" who cry, "I Want My MP3's!" CLICK HERE to read my reasons for using RealAudio® files instead of MP3's.

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