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The CockRoach Dance!
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REDKIRK and his guitar

Songs of Songs of REDKIRK
Roach, Rattle & Roll!

Awarded "MOST UNUSUAL ACT" at the 7th Annual Enlisted Mens Wives Club Talent Show, March 1983, Governors Island Coast Guard Base, New York City, New York.

"Roach, Rattle & Roll" has entertained MILLIONS*, and is now being distributed free of charge** for personal (non-commercial) use to whoever wants to hear it. I only ask that if you like the song and want to pass it around --be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you give me credit for writing and recording it."

"Roach, Rattle & Roll" is available as RealAudio® or MP3. Pick your flavor!
Roach, Rattle & Roll (RealAudio®)

Roach, Rattle & Roll (MPEG) Through MP3.COM.AU

So, join the phun! Enjoy the music! Check out the rest of the WebSite. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to tell your friends or to send me email. If you have better material for the "Jokes" section I'm interested.

Beads, Flowers, Freedom, Happiness!

~J.D. redkirk McLeod

* of cockroaches...
** ISP and Phone Charges are YOUR problem...

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