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Songs of REDKIRK
The CockRoach Dance!
Roach, Rattle & Roll
Text Gems
Favorite Links
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REDKIRK and his guitar

Original Music, General weirdness, and outright phun is encouraged. Experience The CockRoach Dance, Text Gems, and the Songs of REDKIRK.

Com'on in, take off your shoes, and visit for a spell.

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    • Favorite Links
      ~ Your pathway to the rest of the world!
    • The CockRoach Dance
      ~ Frolic with those ICKY garbage-eaters you LOVE to squash as they jitter-bug to the chorus of "Roach, Rattle & Roll"!
    • Songs of Redkirk
      ~ A collection of tunes some friends and I've put together over the years.
    • Text Gems
      ~ A collection of thoughts, meditations, and occaisional nonsense.

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